Wrinkle Cream

Thanks to the high quality wrinkle creams that are on the market today, the days of needing a chemical peel or even cosmetic surgery to look younger are long gone. Wrinkle cream can be bought over-the-counter, but for more serious cases, your dermatologist may prescribe a cream. If you have deep-set wrinkles, sensitive skin or other skin problems, over-the-counter creams may not be recommended. Often, women use wrinkle cream early on in life, before signs of aging even appear, as a way to keep aging at bay for as long as possible.

How Does Wrinkle Cream Work?

Wrinkle cream works by helping the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen restores the skin's former elasticity while increasing muscle tone. Both of these improvements will decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. As the collagen plumps up the skin, the wrinkles are filled out, minimizing their appearance. Wrinkle creams work better than cosmetic surgery because the skin isn't overly tightened, which means that the face will still have its natural contours and shape.

What Areas of My Face Does Wrinkle Cream Target?

Many women have small wrinkles around their eyes, also known as "Crow's Feet." This is a common area to get wrinkles, even for younger women, because squinting, smiling and laughing can cause them. Problem areas also include the jaw, lips, neck and forehead. Wrinkle creams can target fine lines and wrinkles in any area of the face or neck. However, creams are most effective on newer wrinkles, not ones that have been in the skin for a long time.

What Wrinkles Will Wrinkle Cream Fix?

We get wrinkles for all different reasons. Wrinkle creams seem to be the most effective on lines from exposure to the elements, like sun and wind; squinting; and smoking. Other causes of wrinkles are genetics and a natural loss or either elastin or collagen. Unfortunately, many wrinkle creams cannot combat these types of lines. It's important to not that these creams will only work if they're applied regularly.

What is In Wrinkle Cream?

While every cream on the market is different, most wrinkle creams contain the following ingredients:

These ingredients are all important players in the treatment of wrinkles, which is why you'll find them in most wrinkle creams. Some ingredients are antioxidants and others are skin exfoliators, which remove dead skin to make your face luminous. Aside from reducing fine lines and wrinkles, a lot of these ingredients also improve your skin's texture. Additionally, wrinkle creams often contain moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, which is key to keeping new wrinkles from forming.

Vivexin Wrinkle Cream

Vivexin wrinkle cream combats not just one aging-related skin problem. Instead, it targets everything you're concerned with, including under eye circles, wrinkles, bags and fine lines. Users who have tried Vivexin wrinkle cream have reported a significant improvement in dark circles as well as a decrease in bags under the eyes. Many users also reported that their crow's feet became less noticeable. For more information, visit Vivexin.com.