What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

Bags under the eyes are common for most people, especially as you get older. That doesn't mean you have to accept them as part of your look. The bags rarely mean anything more than natural aging. Take a proactive approach to the problem by learning what causes bags under the eyes and how best to fight them.

What Causes Bags under the Eyes?

The primary factor in bag development is age. As a person grows older, the muscles that support that area weaken. When this happens, fat pushes to the surface and you are left asking the question, "What causes bags under eyes?" Chances are if your mother had these puffy areas, so will you. The look tends to run in families.

Sometimes the problem isn't just puffiness, but dark rings, as well. If you ate a lot of popcorn at the movies the night before, water retention may be the culprit. The skin around the eye orbit is the thin. Full body puffiness causes a dark, shadowy discoloration under the eyes.

The cause may also be medical, especially if you have allergies. A day with high pollen in the air can also leave you asking, "What causes bags under the eyes?" Sinus infections present as dark, puffy eye bags, as well.

Instead of "What Causes Bags under the Eyes" Try Asking What You can Do About Them

There are some at home treatments that may offer mild relief - changing your sleeping position, for example. Gravity is working against you during the night. Sleeping on your back with your head flat or on your side leads to bags. The best position for puffy eye suffers is on the back with your head raised on pillows.

Although lifestyle changes such as drinking less alcohol and cutting back on salt are stop gap measures, the most effective technique is to treat the problem. Vivexin is a revitalizing treatment designed specifically to fight ugly, dark, puffy eyes.

Vivexin eye treatment combats the bags that are a natural part of aging. This product targets not only the sagging skin, but also the fluid build up that produces dark rings under the eyes. This innovative product combines three formulas together to tighten skin and improve coloration.

As you grow older, you might notice more than just bags forming around your eyes. Vivexin eye treatment includes an ingredient that will visibly reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles around eyes that are also a component of aging.

So, what causes bags under eyes? Time is the most likely offender. You can't stop growing older, but you can keep eyes bags at bay with the right tools. Find out for yourself. Visit www.vivexin.com for more information.