Under Eye Wrinkles

Correct Under Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles, which are caused by constant facial movement and lack of elasticity, collagen, water and vitamins A and E, naturally occur with age. However, proper nutrition and topical solutions, such as Vivexin vastly reduce wrinkles by solving the problem at its core.

Our eyes are the window to our health. Clarity, under eye wrinkles and eye puffiness are just some signs that the body is not at optimal health. On the minds of most women are under eye wrinkles.

Skin is a self-renewing organ that requires attention to keep it operating at maximal levels. It needs to be exfoliated and nourished properly for optimal results; especially around the eyes, where the skin is extremely fragile. As a person ages, the skin's turnover rate drastically slows down. This, in part, causes the formation of under eye wrinkles to occur.

Wrinkles occur when the skin is repeatedly folded or moved in the same position. Youth enables collagen, elasticity and new skin growth to counteract the existence of under eye wrinkles. Elastin is naturally produced when a person is young, but with time, the ability to produce it greatly reduces. Collagen is another substance that replenishes itself, but diminishes after time.

The under-eye area of the face can be the most difficult of areas to treat for under eye wrinkles. For one thing, the skin underneath the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive. Also, due to eye muscles and other muscles in the face that affect the skin beneath the eyes, movement from smiling, frowning, squinting and other facial movements cause wrinkling to occur at a drastic rate.

There are several factors that cause under eye wrinkles. Depending upon the thickness of skin, the eyes can incur a lot of under eye wrinkles. As people increase in age, under eye wrinkles are more likely. Further, if one does not drink enough water, the skin's cells will not be plump in order to prevent under eye wrinkles. In addition, if one does not consume enough of vitamins A and E, the skin will not produce enough collagen or elasticity to prevent under eye wrinkles.

Unfortunately, with age, the skin decreases in elasticity and collagen, which causes under eye wrinkles and other problems that, in turn, cause a woman to appear much older than she is. The only way to reverse the effects is to rid of the problem.

Optimal eye and body health is a must to combat the problem of under eye wrinkles. The solution does not lie in diet alone. Thankfully, there are effective topical solutions, such as Vivexin, that combat the problem at its source. Otherwise, the healing process would be lengthy and arduous.

Vivexin offers a natural solution that doesn't just mask eye problems, but works naturally with the body to correct them, such as under eye wrinkles, puffy skin or dark eye circles. Vivexin's unique blend of Matrixyl?, Eyeliss? and Haloxyl?, and other key nutrients work with the body to produce amazing results. Discover what Vivexin.com will do for you.