Under Eye Dark Circle Tips

There are strategies available to cure and eliminate dark circles in addition to the ones that you may have learned from your grandmother.

Cosmetics: Masking with cosmetics Quick and reliable, this method simply demands you covering up your dark circles with a yellow base to counteract the blue tones in your skin.

Grandma's Tricks: Use your Grandmother's tricks Place cool cucumbers or moist, cool tea bags on your eyes. This method is effective in reducing inflammation because of the tannic acid present in the tea.

Eat a healthy diet: Taking in a diet right in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin K is helpful in reducing the dark circles. A combination of topical Vitamin A by products like retinol along with Vitamin K can be also be helpful.

Surgery: It is actually possible to get fat deposited under the eyes if your dark circles are caused by thin skin. This is a radical yet effective cure.