Remove Dark Circles in a Hurry

What woman hasn't woken up one morning with those wonderful blackish-purple dark eye circles? No matter what you try, nothing works to get rid of them either and it's always on a morning when you are already running late. So, what do you do?

Well, here are a few helpful tips to help you combat those dark eye circles when they appear so you aren't left looking like you've been out all night!

  1. Compress it: Grab a clean washcloth and wet it down as cold as you can possibly get it. Place the washcloth over both eyes, or hold on one eye and then the other, for a few minutes. The coolness in the washcloth will help to counteract the swelling around your eyes, making the dark eye circles fade. The longer that you can keep the cold cloth on your eyes, the better, as the cold will help to get rid of them completely. So, lay back down for a few minutes and relax, let the cool cloth help to wake you completely while it gets rid of those circles!
  2. Ice, Ice Baby: If you have a few extra minutes, grab an ice cube or two and place them in the cold washcloth. Not only will the cool washcloth help your eyes to return to normal, the ice will help to do it faster and help it last longer. Chances are that the cool temperatures around your eyes will also help you feel better and relax you as well. If you just can't stand the ice on your eyes, try crushing it or putting it in a plastic bag with a small amount of water. You will still get the same result, but it just won't be such a cold shock to you.
  3. Not just for Spas: Cucumbers really do help as well, and they aren't just for spa treatments anymore! Make sure that they are thick slices and that they are ice cold. Lay down and place a slice over each eye. The coolness of the cucumber will help the swelling under your eyes and the smell of the cucumbers will help you to relax in your own "mini spa"! After a few minutes, check each eye to see if you need to relax a little more or if these have done the trick!
  4. Cover it up: While concealer might seem like the obvious choice, most won't help you with this problem. You need to make sure that you have two different tones to help combat and cover up those dark eye circles, or they will show through. First, you will need a green shade. This shade will help to cover the redness under each eye. Dab it under each eye and pat until the green starts to fade into the dark circles. You can use as much or as little as you like, just make sure that you dab it and don't wipe. Second, you need a yellow shade. This shade will help to cover the purple-blackness under each eye. Just like the green shade, dab it under each eye and pat until the yellow starts to fade into the green and dark eye circles. Just remember to pat, don't wipe. Now, when you apply your base make-up, pat the base on with a make-up sponge or at least some toilet paper. The oils from your fingers will only undo all the work that you just did! Pat the base around your eyes, on top of the concealers that you just applied until it blends with the rest of your make-up. Complete with a dusting of loose powder over your eyes and you are ready to face the world!

So, no matter why you were up late, there is always a way to combat and cover those dark eye circles that can plague any woman on any given morning! The next time you wake up with them, you can use these simple tips to help you return to normal and start your day off right!