Lack of Sleep Causes Dark Circles

There are several causes to dark circles, some are physical others are hereditary, which we really cannot control. But others, such as lack of sleep, we can control. In a recent poll by Beauty magazine, 80% of those polled felt that their dark circles were caused by the lack of sleep. So, now that we have identified one of the main causes, what can we do to get a more recuperative sleep?

Apart from the fact of course that we merely stay up too late, stress and worry can cause lack of sleep. How can you relax and "drop off? for instance if you have something on your mind or you have a worry about something that just will not go away?

Obviously this can happen to all of us every once and while, but if this is a chronic problem, then it can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Too many nights without sleeping properly can result in an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol. Over a period of time your body, skin and overall health will begin to suffer as the hormone cortisol is continually secreted into your bloodstream.

Too much cortisol for too long can have an effect on skin ageing, which includes the creation of those dark under eye circles and puffiness. Skin can look tired, have a shallow complexion and even looked washed out. Too much can also weaken the immune system and increase blood sugar levels. It is therefore important that we find a way as quickly as possible to relieve stress levels, become more relaxed and in turn get a better nights sleep.

So, how can we try to overcome those sleepless nights?

  1. Firstly try to get into a routine just as we did when much younger. Set a time for bed and stick with it.
  2. Try not to eat heavy meals too late; you should eat dinner around two hours or so before bedtime.
  3. A warm bath before bed will help relax you.
  4. A warm cup of milk before bed can help to reduce anxiety and bring on sleep.
  5. Before bedtime write down your anxiety, write down what you have to do tomorrow and keep it by the bed. If you wake and think of other things write them down too, relieving your mind of them in this manner may help sleep return more quickly.
  6. Regular daily exercise can help, walking in the evening before bedtime can be help in promoting sleep too.
  7. Avoid too much of tea, coffee, and cigarettes late in the day. They are stimulants and will only keep you up.

The term "Beauty Sleep" is not just a saying. If you are able to rest peacefully every night, your body will be able to restore and rebuild its beauty.