Get Rid of Bags Under the Eyes

Bags under the eyes are known as Periorbital puffiness and are not necessarily due to stress and inappropriate sleep patterns. Although it is a problem than can affect anyone of any age, it appears to be a common problem as people mature. The skin under the eye is thin and lucid compared to other parts of the body, exemplifying those dark circles. The eyes appear to be surrounded by a dark micro-capillary that can lead to the bags under the eyes, along with edema and fluid build-up.

Although it is not necessarily due to a lack of sleep, the puffy eyes, bags and black circles are more noticeable first thing in the morning because of the gravity that takes over when lying flat in bed. Sometimes adding a pillow in bed can avoid the effects of gravity that can lead to bags under your eyes. If puffiness under the eyes is due to fluid retention alone, it may remedy itself by noon.

There is a fat pad that is present right below the lower eye lid that can increase over time, leading to progressive eye bags of the aging person. Not only is there a concern with the fat, but the weakening of the muscle that supports the eyelid is an issue when it comes to bags and dark circles under the eyes of the older individual. You may need help to get rid of bags under your eyes, and there are various methods and products that can do just that, both by natural means and commercially.

Additional causes of the condition can be due to shifting of fluids throughout the day, leading to the swelling. Sinus infections stretch the skin under the eyes, giving the puffy-eye effect. Sometimes the problem is hereditary, from the genes in the family and your parents. If you are distressed about the appearance of bags or dark circles under the eyes, rest assured it is not a medical but more of a cosmetic concern. There are several at-home remedies that you can try to improve the appearance of puffy eyes, bags and dark circles, such as cold compresses.

Although bags and dark circles under the eyes is a common part of aging and a concern for others, there is help available to remedy the problem. Vivexin is a natural gel or eye cream that can visibly reduce the puffy look under the eyes. To get rid of bags under the eyes, this silky smooth natural cream by Vivexin claims to bring you visible improvement in as little as two weeks. The cream is formulated to smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and swelling. You can look and feel years younger in very little time.

In your efforts to get rid of bags under the eyes, Vivexin can achieve quick results because of the botanical ingredients and natural plant extracts that work in combination to give the skin a more uniform appearance while reducing swelling, dark circles and the façade of those unsightly bags. If you are lacking in self-confidence because of this condition, get rid of the bags under your eyes for a healthier, younger look and feel to your skin.

There is no need to live with this problem and not feel you're very best. The Vivexin cream or gel is pH balanced and provides quick and permanent results with continual use. Just wash your face, apply the cream and follow up with your favourite makeup for healthy, vibrant looking skin.