Eye Dark Circles

Many women are concerned about under eye dark circles; in fact, complaints regarding under eye dark circles rank significantly higher than many other skin care issues, particularly among women.

What are Under Eye Dark Circles and What Causes Them?

As we age, the amount of collagen and elastin under our eyes begins to decrease, which thins the skin in the under eye area. This thinning of the skin allows the blood vessels to be more visible, creating under eye dark circles - what we see as a dark, bluish hue under our eyes. Women dislike the appearance of these bluish circles because they can add years to an otherwise youthful face.

Most people believe that under eye dark circles are caused by lack of sleep; however, that is simply not true. In fact, some people are predisposed to having those bluish circles, particularly women whose skin carries a darker pigment. African, Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Indian women have a greater chance of developing under eye dark circles as compared to women with lighter pigmented skin.

Additionally, other factors contribute to under eye dark circles. For example, heredity may play a significant part in whether or not you will get dark circles under your eyes. Certain medications may also be a contributing factor, particularly if they alter the flow of blood throughout the body. Lack of a balanced diet can play a significant role in the appearance of under eye dark circles, particularly if there is an iron deficiency; therefore, women who are pregnant or menstruating may suffer from dark circles as well.

Allergies can also contribute to the appearance of under eye dark circles, because blood vessels under the eyes become congested and the skin around the eyes retains a bluish hue. Because most people who suffer from allergies rub their eyes frequently, the sensitive skin under the eye becomes irritated and remains inflamed. Chronic allergy sufferers constantly contend with pigment building up under their eyes, due to constant irritation.

How Can I Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles?

Most women struggling with dark circles have already tried several different methods in order to combat the issue. Strategies, including home remedies passed down through generations, as well as prescription methods, are extremely popular. Women are turning to their dermatologists in order to obtain a permanent, surgical solution as far as under eye dark circles are concerned.

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