Dark Under Eye Circles

Saying Goodbye to Dark Under Eye Circles

If you have been developing dark under eye circles, rest assured you're not alone. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are well aware of the problem as they're used to hearing many complaints from their patients on a daily basis. As much as having dark under eye circles may sound like bad news, the good news is that today there are many solutions to this problem.

Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles

You may wonder what may cause you to wake up in the morning as if you had too many drinks. Don't blame those occasional Martinis and Mojitos; most likely those dark circles stem from something else. Blame instead fatigue, normal aging or those allergy sniffles when your garden blooms. While you're at it, blame even grandma Francine since dark under eye circles can be hereditary too.

Physical or emotional stress, smoking and pigmentation irregularities are other factors to keep in mind. You may also want to blame the sun; indeed, its potent sun rays prompt your body to produce melanin, a pigment responsible for giving your skin its color and that darkness to those circles.

What Can You do About Dark Under Eye Circles?

You have several options when it comes to combating those  dark under eye circles. One of the simplest ways is hiding them by using a good quality concealer. This is easier said than done. You must first try to find one that matches your skin tone, and then see if it effectively covers those dark areas well.

Another option is to try treatment using intense pulse light. While this may go to the root of the problem, consider that it can turn expensive in the long run. You may need multiple treatments to smooth the skin and destroy those pigmented cells.

A more cost-effective option may be investing in skin lightening creams. These creams often contain hydroquinone or kojic acid to lighten those darkened areas. Some creams may also contain caffeine to restrict those dilated blood vessels. As effective as some of these creams may be, consider that they don't tackle other skin problems often associated with dark circles under the eyes.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution capable of replenishing lost luster and glow, you may want to consider a potent dark under eye circles solution developed by Vivexin. This cream will kill two pigeons with one stone since it also tackles fine lines, wrinkles, and under eye bags. The best part is that this cream works quickly in delivering results.

In just two weeks, you can discover a new vibrant appearance and forget about that tired look. Many women have discovered Vivexin and rejoiced when they discovered its powerful effects against dark under eye circles. You can discover Vivexin too by visiting(www.vivexin.com).

Made with a synergistic concoction of botanical extracts and effective moisturizing agents, Vivexin offers a powerful blend that aims in removing dark under eye circles while delivering younger looking skin.