Dark Circles

Dark circles simply refer to those shadows under your eyes that are caused by many factors. Next to lack of rest, the most common cause of dark circles is aging. There is a natural fat pad under the eye that begins to lose shape as you age. This process causes shadows under the eyes. Sometimes, these dark circles are just a reflection caused by the blood vessels and capillaries which are present in large numbers in the area under your eyes.

Often, the shape of your face and features seem to make these dark circles appear prominent. For example, if you have prominent or protruding cheek bones combined with eyes that are set deep, the dark circles under your eyes are more visible. Some people might have allergies, sinus problems, and more seriously leaking capillaries which are caused by the former. The medical reasons for dark circles under your eyes are poor diet, lack of enough sleep, poor or irregular blood circulation.

There is hope for you and effective solutions do exist for dark circles. Some ingredients that help are: water, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, polysilicone 11, silica, and more than a dozen other elements. In just about a month of using these types of cream, you will notice that dark circles under your eyes are vanishing.

There is a wide range of products available to treat dark circles. Nevertheless, you need to realize the fact that these dark circles did not appear in a day. They have been forming unseen and unnoticed. Only when they reach a noticeable stage do you start searching for a solution! Hence, don't expect them to disappear immediately. Even the best of the eye creams will take some time to work magic for you.