Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Under-eye discoloration hints at aging more than many other indicators, including grey hair and wrinkles. Shadows under the eyes make people look old, tired or hung over. Not only do they affect someone's appearance, but they also impact the emotions and self-esteem.

Dark circles are actually highly-pigmented areas that make the skin beneath the eyes look darker than surrounding skin. Dark rings also appear when age or bone structure causes hollows to form beneath the eyes. Genetics and race cannot be counted out in the development of under-eye rings.

Although children may experience this condition, adult men and women are much more likely to suffer from dark circles. To treat it, people must diagnose the causes of dark circles under eyes. Treatment includes makeup, cosmetic therapies, surgery, home remedies and lifestyle changes.

Common Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Some may think it unusual to have dark circles after a night of restful sleep. This is because they equate under-eye rings with fatigue. However, fatigue is just one of the many causes of dark circles under eyes.

Sometimes, the discolored areas are shadows that are cast by swollen eyelids. Other times, they are the result of hollows caused by weight loss, bone structure or aging. There are many common causes of dark circles under eyes.

The discoloration may be a symptom of allergies or certain skin conditions like eczema. Nasal congestion may dilate the veins in the sinus area and cause dark rings. Rubbing, scratching or injuring the eye region are also common culprits.

Lifestyle factors play a huge roll in eye appearance. Cigarette smoking, alcohol use and emotional stress are often seen around the eyes. Sun exposure increases the production of melanin, a skin pigment that may also darken the eye skin.

For some people, dark circles are hereditary and run in the family. They may also be race-related. Those of African, Asian or Hispanic descent may have pigment irregularities that change the appearance of facial skin.

Despite these common reasons, aging is still one of the top causes of dark circles under eyes. Age-related fat loss and thinning skin contributes to their appearance. As women and men grow older, the blood vessels beneath the eye skin become more apparent under their thinner, translucent skin. They show up as dark skin or shadows.

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