Causes of Dark Circles Under Eye

Would you like to eliminate those nasty looking dark circles under your eyes naturally? Are you tired of your eyes looking like they have come off second best against Mike Tyson? The great news is getting rid of those dark eye circles is possible once you know the possible causes and the appropriate remedies.

The truth is that 9 out 10 people do suffer from dark circles under their eyes at some time or another, so there is no need to feel alone. However, it is also true that no other facial flaw is more noticeable to everyone else that is looking at your face than dark circles are.

This is because most people automatically interpret someone with dark eye circles as a certain sign of someone that is always tired and not well rested, whether it is true or not.

Whether in your personal or professional life (where first impressions count) this is not usually the appearance you want to give. So, what to do about it? Read on for the top 3 causes and natural remedies.

In reality the appearance of dark circles under your eyes can have many different culprits.

Top 5 Causes of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

  1. Exposure to the sun: Because the skin under your eye is very thin, prolonged exposure to sunlight (especially during summer months) can cause hyper-pigmentation which consequently gives you dark circles.
  2. Heredity: A combination of deep-set eyes and a family trait of transparent skin can produce the dark eye circles.
  3. Lack of Sleep/Fatigue: These common factors lead to paleness of the skin - particularly the sensitive area under your eyes - which illuminates the blood flowing beneath your skin giving the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.
  4. Aging: As you get older the folds of skin under your eyes can become more pronounced leading to the dark circle affect.
  5. Skin Allergies: Any skin condition that causes your skin to itch making you scratch or rub your skin causing a darkening of the area around your eyes.

Top 3 Natural Remedies

Below are 3 simple ways that you can take advantage of to help with your tired looking eyes.

  1. Cold Tea bags and Cucumbers: For a truly natural remedy use cold tea bags and cucumbers! There is definitely is something soothing about having cucumbers and tea bags on top of your eyes. Tea bags and cucumbers reduce vascular inflammation and decrease swelling. This combination is especially good for dark swollen circles because there is tannin inside of the tea that helps with eliminating the puffiness.
  2. Concealer: For a more conventional solution try using a concealer. Using yellow will neutralize the blues, purples, and husky hues on the skin. This does not rid the problem, but can build your confidence for the day to alleviate the 'tired look'. I recommend ONE Group certified organic concealer to cure dark circles under your eyes.
  3. Antioxidants: Antioxidant treatments help to reduce fluid buildup under the eyes, which decreases the look of the dark circles. Choose treatments that contain plenty of vitamin C and GHK copper peptides. Also, vitamin K is great for restoring stability and strength to the blood vessels under the eyes, which reduces their proliferation.