Black Circles Under Eyes

What Causes Black Circles Under Eyes and How to Fix them?

One thing can turn a beautiful woman or handsome man into a dreadful, ghastly looking monster: black circles under eyes. These dark bags that simply appear underneath your eyes can take oodles of makeup to hide and they can become a general annoyance. They're a hindrance to anyone that wants to look younger, feel better about themselves or just have a smooth-looking face.

The good news is that treating them isn't so hard once you narrow down the cause of those dark spots and you understand what those black circle really are.

What Causes Black Circles Under Eyes?

The skin around your eyes is among the thinnest on your entire body. That's why no one part of your body will exhibit the same type of symptoms that the skin around your eyes will. It's also why black circles under eyes can be extremely difficult to treat.

The dark circles underneath your eyes are formed by the skin on top of blood vessels becoming pale. There are a variety of causes for this that will be explained in just a bit, but this does explain why that skin appears "dark". Black circles under eyes aren't actually black, they're a mix of red-colored blood cells carrying oxygen and blue-colored blood cells on their return trip around the body.

The most well-known cause of black circles under eyes is a lack of rest. Fatigue is associated with your body being unable to circulate iron to the proper parts of your body, which is what makes the skin covering your veins appear more pale.

The other reasons for dark circles under eyes stem from something causing your skin to be pale or even thinner than normal around your eyes. A bad diet, a lack of nutrients, certain medications, asthma, eczema and allergies are just some of those causes. More serious reasons for black circles under eyes include: liver problems, anemia and advanced signs of aging.

Fixing the Black Circles Under Eyes Problem

Removing those black circles is as easy as fixing the underlying problem. The exception to this rule are problems that you can't fix, like aging.

The best way to understand how to remove black circles under eyes is to understand how aging affects your skin. As you age, your skin typically loses collagen. This results in your skin becoming thinner, less pliable and more translucent.

If you're trying to treat a problem that directly affects the composition of your skin, you have a few choices. The first one is to try changing your diet. Make sure that you get the proper amount of nutrients vital in building up healthy skin. The second is to try adding in exercise to make it easier for those nutrients to reach every part of your body, including the skin underneath your eyes.

Black circles under your eyes can be one of the most difficult things to solve, depending on the underlying cause behind them. The treatment that has helped many people, both men and women, reduce the visibility of their dark circles is a product like Vivexin. To learn more about how Vivexin works, visit their website at