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The Best Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes, a medical condition known as "preorbital dark circles," are a vexing thing to see in the morning when looking in the mirror. These dark areas under the eyes are caused by a number of factors involving heredity and environment, but the end result is that dark circles under the eyes make us look sick, fatigued, and older. On their own, dark circles do not indicate the presence of any underlying disease, but they do negatively affect appearance. Surprisingly, dark circles make women look older faster than greying hair or wrinkles. Therefore, lightening those areas with the best under eye cream for dark circles is a quick way to take years off of any woman's perceived age.

The Best Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles Treats the Causes Of Dark Circles

Dark circles are caused by a variety of factors. The first category is genetics, unfortunately. The thinnest skin on our bodies is right under the eyes. Some women inherit even thinner skin than most, and the veins running close to the surface under the eyes show their blue tint right through the skin. Most commonly, blood pools in that area due to a lack of sleep, which can cause bursting and leaking of the tiny capillaries, exacerbating the problem. Age is also a factor, as the skin thins over time, and anemia darkens circles under the eyes as well.

The other category of culprit is our environment and our actions. Taking care of ourselves is always the best policy, and eye circles prove it. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and dehydration. Sometimes, however, women are unfortunately not able to take adequate care of themselves due to the pressures of work and family. In this case, the best under eye cream for dark circles is advisable. Allergies, asthma and eczema also contribute to dark circles under the eyes. Allergies cause us to rub our eyes, bursting even more of those capillaries, and asthma often contributes to a lack of oxygen in the body, causing blue areas to appear bluer.

The Best Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles Can Help When Nothing Else Can

There is nothing we can do about our genetics, allergies, asthma, and sometimes we can't do anything about our environment. In that case, the best solution is the best under eye cream for dark circles on the market. A fantastic under eye cream will quickly reduce the appearance of dark circles and restore a youthful appearance by eliminating the factor making us look tired and older. The best under eye cream for dark circles combines several ingredients to work naturally with the body to firm thin skin under the eyes along with reducing puffiness that may create dark shadows. If you have dark circles under your eyes, please go to to learn how Vivexin, the world's best under eye cream for dark circles, works. Vivexin facial specialists have formulated a fast-acting cream to restore your youthful appearance, so visit Vivexin today to start looking younger.