Bags Under The Eyes

If you wake up with bags under your eyes, you are not alone. Morning puffiness and dark circles are cosmetic issues, generally not an indication of a major health problem. They can be a symptom of something minor, however. The key to managing under-eye flaws is first figuring out what might be the cause and then looking for an effective treatment. Products such as Vivexin Revitalizing Eye Cream will help.


One of the most common causes of bags under the eyes is aging. As you grow older, skin becomes less elastic. The muscles in that area weaken, as well. Fat sitting under the surface to support the structures of the eye migrates forward. The combination of these factors creates a pouch under the lower lids, and you get bags under the eyes.

Fluid Fluctuations

Allergies - In some cases, bags are a symptom of health issues that requires treatment. Seasonal allergies, for example, can cause water to build up in this area. The same is true for sinus infections. Once you treat the condition, the fluid recedes and the puffiness disappears.

Salty foods - The skin under the eyes is thin, so any change in fluid balance becomes noticeable, especially in the morning. A night of eating salty foods, for example, will cause the body to retain more water than usual - under the eyes is the first place you will see the effect.

Crying - When you spend a night crying, excessive salt builds up in this area. Body fluid always migrates to the area of the heaviest salt concentration, so you end up with bags under the eyes.

Eye Irritation - Anytime the eyes become irritated from illness or rubbing, your body creates tears to clean them out. The affect is the same as a night of crying.


Some home treatments help reduce bags under the eyes. Something as simple as changing the position you sleep in is an effective approach. Going to bed on your back with your head slightly elevated keeps fluid for pooling under the eyes.

Make sure to wash off all makeup before retiring for the night. The chemicals in these products get into the eyes while you sleep and you may rub them without even knowing it. Be careful when applying moisturizer for the reason. If it gets into the eyes, it will cause irritation.

Take medication to control sinus problems. An antihistamine can eliminate bags under the eyes caused by allergies - non-drowsy formulas are effective for daytime use. See your doctor is you suspect you have a sinus infection.

Try an anti-aging product such as Vivexin Eye Cream to target bags under the eyes. Vivexin helps fight not only bags, but also fine wrinkles and dark circles. 90% of Vivexin users found significant reduction in bags under the eyes when they used this product regularly. The treatment works to improve the tone of the skin and create a more natural, healthy appearance. If bags under the eyes have you down, try Vivexin Revitalizing Eye Treatment today for a younger, healthier looking you.