Dark Eye Circles: A Buyers Guide

Please note that while this website should not replace the advice or direction of your doctor, you should find accurate and complete information on improving the appearance of dark eye circles contained within the pages of our site. If you came here to seek information about getting rid of dark circles under your eyes, then you certainly have come to the right place.

Although dark under-eye circles can occur in everyone, they tend to affect women over the age of 25 the most. Dark eye circles are a result of blood pooling in the very thin, sensitive layer of skin underneath the eye area. The problem can be exacerbated, and the circles appearance more pronounced, by a lack of sleep. The dark pigmentation under the eyes causes sufferers to look tired and worn. Most of the effective products aimed at reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles focus on hydrating this sensitive skin area, and reducing the pigmentation that darkens the skin. In extreme cases, some people resort to surgical methods to alleviate the discoloration of dark eye circles.

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